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Big butts are kind of a big deal. They have been seen as a sign of sexy womanliness since pretty much the beginning of time. There are women who are lucky enough to have inherited big bottoms from their mother, while others have to work hard in the gym to earn it. On the other hand, you may be lacking in that department and wondering why you are not as bootylicious. Check out the following 5 reasons that cause women to have a flat butt.


Hormonal imbalances can be the reason behind underdeveloped breasts, hips and butt. You may either lack hormones necessary for growth of feminine curves or have excessive amount of the hormones that can actually stop curves from growing; both these issues can occur at the same time worsening the problem. Hormonal imbalances are normally accompanied by additional symptoms, including acne or excessive hair growth on the face and body. Curvhance all natural plant-based, herbal supplements tackles this issue by providing the nutritional and hormonal factors that the body lacks and will help you get a bigger butt and bigger breasts naturally.



Eat, eat eat! No matter how much you exercise and squat till you drop, if you aren’t eating enough of the right food, you simply won’t see the butt growth you want. Many women mistakenly believe that they are helping their body by eating less or replacing meals with low-calorie protein drinks. However, this is a big NO-NO for booty gains! Instead, you want to make sure that you are eating foods that will go straight to the butt- not your gut. Here is a list of foods that can help with butt growth:

Complex carbs: potatoes, whole-wheat pasta, brown rice, beans, wholegrain bread, bananas, oats.

Good fats: avocado, nuts and seeds, coconut oil, olives.

Healthy protein options: chicken, turkey, lean beef, seafood.



There are several women who want to make their booty bigger but do not want their legs to get larger. Having a smaller waist instantly creates the illusion of an hourglass figure, and this concept also applies to having slim, toned legs. We’ve all read the memes on the Internet telling us to “shut up and squat”, however you need to do more than just squat if your goal is to develop your glutes. Although the majority of the best butt exercises activate leg muscles, the solution is to avoid exercises that mainly target the quads and hamstrings and do exercises that focus primarily on the glute muscles. These include glute bridges, donkey kicks, hip abductions and hip thrusts.



While you are sitting at your desk all day working hard, unfortunately your butt is not working at all! When you sit for long periods of time (especially with poor posture), your glute muscles shut down. If you aren’t using your glute muscles and activating them regularly, they’ll get weaker over time, undoing all that booty muscle you earned in the gym. Too much sitting can also contribute to the appearance of cellulite due to a lack of blood flow, causing a loss of collagen. If years of sitting has given you a saggy, less perky bum there is still plenty you can do to reverse the damage. Firstly, make sure to correct your posture (see below). Workout regularly to counteract all the time your butt sits doing nothing. As long as you are doing glute and hip targeted exercises, there is no need to worry. Activating your glutes can be as simple as squeezing your glutes while in your seat. Daily use of a foam roller can also help with tight hips and butt and better blood flow in this area.



Did you know that slouching forward causes your butt to appear flat and droopy? Check your posture by standing up straight with your back against a wall and shoulders down. Your back should maintain a natural curve and the small of your back should not touch the wall. If this movement feels forced, and when you look in the mirror and see that you are not standing up straight, then you aren’t using correct posture. Poor posture affects almost anyone who sits a lot. It causes posterior pelvic tilt where your pelvis tilts backwards; the lower spine loses its natural extension causing your upper spine and shoulders to round forward. Not only does poor posture create the perception of a small butt, it can also cause neck and back pain along with weak hips. This can be corrected by daily stretches and posture exercises.


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  1. Lee 1 year ago

    Wonderful tips!!

    I have been working at weight gain for nine months now, and through research, exercise, and dedication have seen amazing results–I started at 124 and now weight 150+ I am so excited to add Curvhance to my body-transformation routine. After close to one month of the pill (1 bottle), I have seen definite growth in my breasts! I have always had more butt, and zero breasts, and I am grateful for the changes that Curvhance is making in that area. Because I started my weight gain journey long and have seen results in my glutes long before taking Curvhance, I’m not sure of the impact it is having in that area, however I’m just happy to finally have something more than an A cup. I hope to continue to see results in that area.

    I like that the producers of this product have also left quick and helpful tips for those looking to maximize their growth. Thank you Curvhance for being, not only a wonderful, life changing product, but also an inspiration!

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